EH | Lyrics – That Is Why You’re Overweight
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That Is Why You’re Overweight

© 1976 Seventh House Ltd.

Music by Eddie Harris

Lyrics by Eddie Harris, Sara Harris, Lolita Harris, and Yvonne Harris

I had three donuts and two cups of coffee

But that didn’t stop my appetite

I had only eaten a box of cookies very late last night

I had ten pancakes plenty of syrup and butter and two slices of ham

Three eggs, home fries, and four biscuits all smothered in jam

Two glasses of milk and a cheesecake, I thought I didn’t want anymore

I just had to buy twelve of those mints in that bowl by the door


That is why – that is why – that is why you’re overweight x 2

Now it’s lunch time and I believe I’ll eat again

I’m not going to eat as much as I did for breakfast because I want to get thin

Let me have a bowl of chili con carne and two corned beefs on rye

A large order of French fries, a malt, and a slice of banana cream pie

Two candy bars, one soda, for my late afternoon snack

And ahh… and ahh… two bags of potato chips, so I won’t have to come back


That is why – that is why – that is why you’re overweight x 2

While waiting for my dinner, I had four shots of alcohol

A chef’s salad with lots of dressing, crackers, but not much meat at all

I had a steak, candied yams, rice, lemonade, macaroni and cheese

Cornbread, banana pudding, and a side order of black eyed peas

I stopped at the grocery store, I’m gonna load up my refrigerator

I’m gonna sit down and watch television and I’ll have something to eat later


That is why – that is why – that is why you’re overweight x 8