EH | Lyrics – I’m Watching You
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I’m Watching You

© 1993 Seventh House Ltd.

Music by Eddie Harris

Lyrics by Lolita Harris and Yvonne Harris

I’m watching you and the things you do

The way you smile makes me want to hold you for a while

I just seem to love your style

You’re the one that’s meant for me

I’m watching you and I wish you knew

The way I feel I know that it must be love

You’re the one I’m thinking of

I can’t seem to stop watching you

I enjoy the way you walk

And the subtle way you talk

And I dream of dancing with you day and night

While our thoughts just drift away

Thoughts just drift away

I’m watching you and I hope someday

That you and I could be with each other eternally

Spending all your time with me

That is how I want it to be