EH | Lyrics – I’m Tired of Driving
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I’m Tired of Driving

© 1979 Seventh House Ltd.

Music and Lyrics by Eddie Harris

I’m tired of driving

Everywhere I have to go

When I’m driving to work

The traffic just creeps along so slow

There’s never nowhere to park at a concert, ballgame

Or just a plain old picture show

I’m tired of driving

There’s too many lights, stop signs and another one way street

I’m tired of buying gas and pulling the belts from under my seat

Driving bumper to bumper during the rush hour

I feel the tension from my head down to my feet

I’m tired of driving in the rain, the fog, and the snow

I drive to the cleaners, the laundry, and the bank

I even drive to the local grocery store

I’m going out tonight and party

It means, I have to drive some more


I’m tired… I’m tired of driving… x 6