EH | Lyrics – Eddie Who?
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Eddie Who?

© 1986 Seventh House Ltd.

Music and Lyrics by Eddie Harris

There’s a guy

You ought to know

He can really play the saxophone

He’s from Chicago

He recorded a song that made a big fuss

On Vee Jay Records

Called Exodus


Eddie Harris… Eddie Who? x 2

He introduced

The electric saxophone

He invented a reed mouthpiece

For the trumpet and the trombone

He experimented with his career

He started fusion music

With a song called Listen Here


Eddie Harris… Eddie Who? x 2

He wrote a song

That had musicians in a trance

Miles Davis recorded it

Freedom Jazz Dance

Then he went to Switzerland

And recorded Cold Duck

While Les McCann was singing

Compared to What


Eddie Harris… Eddie Who? x 2

He’s been singing about

Money, luck and overweight too

He’s written five books

On what he can do

Now he’s scat singing

And people don’t understand

It’s a mixture of black street talk

And African


Eddie Harris… Eddie Who? x 2

My name is Eddie Harris

I’ve some of your records man

Thank you

I remember when you used to play with Count Basie

That was Eddie Lockjaw Davis

My name is Eddie Harris

I’ve got one of your videos jack

That was Eddie Murphy

My name is Eddie Harris

I remember when you used to record the Blues

That was Eddie ‘Cleanhead’ Vincent

My name is Eddie Harris

Eddie Harris?

Eddie Who?

Eddie Harris…

Eddie Who? Eddie Who?

My name is Eddie Harris…

(Fade Out)