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Welcome to Eddie Harris Official Site

Eddie Harris

You have entered the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of EDDIE HARRIS. When you enter the website, we invite you to first view the biography of this renowned musician, jazz saxophonist, and entertainer. Eddie [ED-E], is a tenor saxophonist, pianist, composer, trumpeter, vocalist, inventor and music innovator.

To hear and view this multi-talented musician, enter the various rooms on this website and enjoy the genius of Eddie Harris. Be advised that all business matters must be directed to this website.

P.S. The song that you hear on this page called "BORN TO BE BLUE" from the CD entitled THE IN SOUND

Welcome to the Eddie Harris House of Jazz. By visiting the rooms, you will uncover music, videos, and other areas of interest. There are several rooms to choose from such as the Music Room which has Lyrics, a Discography, and Recordings.

The Eddie Harris House of Jazz is designed in a modern and contemporary style which reflects Eddie’s modern style of music that never gets old and is always up to date.

The House is very easy to navigate. All you have to do is to CLICK on the HOT SPOTS. As soon as your cursor changes into a hand, just CLICK and a pop up window will display the items.

I hope you enjoy your stay, as you are always welcome to the Eddie Harris House of Jazz. We will be updating the site periodically.


The Eddie Harris Web Architects

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